We continue to follow the efforts of Haiti Project, through Pastor Don Skow and many contributors, and lend our support and encouragement. Here’s the latest update and an outstanding video clip about what is happening now in Haiti:

A message from Donald Skow to all members of New Life to the Children on Imagine This! TV!……

To all our members of the New Life to the Children Episode:

I am hoping everyone will take the time to view the video Eion and crew put together after our recent trip to Haiti. Since the earthquake in Haiti the need for shelter for orphanedchildren has grown acute. Most of the children had to go back tosleeping on the pavement. As Imagine This ! TV gets closer and closer to going into production(and it does!), we could use a little help from everyone. Please helpby shareing the video, makeing people aware of Imagine This! TV andpush us over the top. View the New Life to the Children video (found on the Imagine This!home page) and share it with everyone on your facebook, tweeter, emailor etc. We are all a part of it. ~Don


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