About Us



Mars Hill opened in May of 2009 and is a non-profit owned by the inChrist church here in Hollister but our vision far exceeds anything one group could do on its own. In order to create the warm and diverse gathering place we envision, we are forming a team of Christ-followers and spiritually-minded people from throughout the community to provide leadership and creative oversight. If you would like to participate making this dream a daily reality in Hollister, or to get more info about how you can participate, contact us.


Mars Hill is a full-service coffeehouse and multi-use venue created to be a gathering place for people of all ages and interests and to support artists, musicians, and those in the margins (the poor, the homeless, the hurting and the abandoned). So while Mars Hill is owned and operated by a church, none of the profits from Mars Hill go to the church. Any profits go to charities that help those in the margins.


Mars Hill exists to help people connect with others and with God by providing a place to gather for coffee and conversation… and more. We offer:

  • a place to gather with family and friends over great food and drinks
  • a place where singles can surf the net, read, study, make new friends, or just relax a place to enjoy “G-Rated” entertainment (music, drama, poetry, dance, spoken word, multimedia, etc.)
  • an opportunity for local artists to display and sell their art (and for the rest of us to appreciate it!)
  • a place where performing artists can share their talent with the rest of us!
  • a way for the people in our community to financially support those in our community (and beyond) who are being hit the hardest in the economic downturn (the poor, the homeless, the hurting and the abandoned)
  • a meeting space for community groups, reading clubs, business meetings, home schoolers, bible studies, hobby clubs, etc.
  • a ministry partnership of local Christ-followers and other community-minded people who are interested in serving others, not just talking about it


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