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Community & Conversation

We promote and support community events, charities, workshops, meetings, and more.

Mars Hill is pleased to offer a small (8-10 people) conference room to the Hollister community free of charge. Many local organizations have already taken advantage of this offering.  Available for regulary scheduled meetings which rotates every quarter. Contact us for more info.

In addition to this traditional-style meeting room, the open spaciousness of Mars Hill’s general seating and conversation areas is available for use. Boutiques, community campaigns and office parties are some of the ways our space has been used for fun, meaningful gatherings. Let your imagination take advantage of the unique space available to your organization or group. Our 4000+ square feet of space means a lot of flexibility!

Of course, our fantastic barista service can be available for your meeting or special event along with beverages and our signature fresh-baked goods. Need a meeting served with coffee, tea, smoothies, Italian sodas? How about adding bagels or cookies or scones? We can do it for you!

Custom orders are what we do. Contact us to find out more.

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